Friday, October 07, 2022

Interested in Dental Jobs? Read Our Pitch!

A lot of dental jobs occur strictly in the office, such as a Dental Hygienist job or a Dental Assistant job...

however, if you are the type who likes to get out and about and use your finely-honed, people-influencing skills, a Dental Sales job may be just what you're looking for.

A Dental Sales Rep:

  • Provides customers with product samples and catalogs
  • Recommends, and subsequently sells, products to customers, based on customers' needs and interests
  • Answers customers' questions about dental products, prices, availability, product uses and credit terms, and identifies prospective customers by using business directories and following leads from existing clients.
  • Identifies prospective customers by using business directories and following leads from existing clients.

Many Dental Sales Reps have sole responsibility and accountability over their own - often large - geographic areas. This is in contrast to the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, where two to five Representatives may be calling upon the same physician. Some Sales Reps therefore prefer the Dental Sales field over the Pharmaceutical Sales field, because Dental Sales Jobs employees can forge a more exclusive, personal relationship with a physician, dentist or doctor.

Training and Education:

  • A four-year college degree is preferred.

    • Some dental sales companies prefer someone with a science background, i.e. a degree in Biology, while others are fine with a Marketing degree.
    • Many dental sales companies want people with strong business-to-business sales experience, for example, in backgrounds such as: mobile phones, copiers, rental cars, uniform sales, etc.

The Skinny On The Moolah:

Dental sales jobs can prove to be lucrative. Depending upon the company, the Rep may earn a low base salary, but have the opportunity to obtain a big commission. The commission component in this structure may be capped or uncapped, but on average, it equates to an extra one-third of the base salary. The other possibility relative to compensation, is that the Rep is paid a higher base, but with little or no commission opportunity. A significant number of positions in the dental sales field start in the $50K range per year, with potential total income of $75K to 100K-plus, per year. A company car or vehicle reimbursement may be provided. Overall, workers in the Dental Sales Job category report good job satisfaction. The field is comprised of 56% females and 44% males.

Job Outlook:

The need for dentists and the demand in the field relative to supplies and new equipment continues to grow. Our country's demographics and aging population will continue to demand expanded dental services, supplies and products. To satisfy this demand, there will be a need for Dental Sales Representatives, Regional Managers, District Managers and Product Managers. New digital technology in the field of dentistry continues to transform dental offices into state-of-the-art facilities. This type of new equipment and services will provide additional opportunities in the foreseeable future.

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