Friday, October 07, 2022

Dental Faculty Instructors Needed For Online Learning

Dental Careers

Dental careers demand that those already in it or pursuing it know that ongoing learning is part of the culture especially as technology advances. Although as busy as everyone gets, making time for ongoing learning can be difficult.

One option to quell this issue is opting for online training courses. These are popular for busy dental workers as they offer flexibility, travel is not an issue as you can take them online at home and usually, students can set their own schedules offering convenience to busy lifestyles. Some online courses offer live teachers and other amenities that are usually found in brick and mortar learning Institutions. Dental Faculty Instructors are needed for these online learning groups especially as online learning grows.

What is a Dental Faculty Instructor?

A Dental Faculty Instructor provides instructional services for Learning Institutions such as but not limited to:
  • Development of Course Curriculum
  • Implementation of Course Curriculum
  • Management of Course Curriculum
  • Teaching of Course Curriculum
  • Practical Teaching within a Teaching Clinic Or Hospital
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Laboratory Instruction
  • Annually prepares and submits course studies
    • Program Objectives
    • Student Performance Reports
    • Daily Lesson Plans

Dental faculty instructor personnel could cross train from other clinical job roles. Examples of faculty instructor service personnel from other clinical dental roles are dental assistants, dental office managers, dental hygienists, dental lab technicians or dentists.

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