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Banner/Text Advertising and are two websites that offer varied text and banner ad services to fit your marketing needs.

Display Text Ads and Banner Ads offers both display text and banner advertisements. Text and Banner Advertisements on the Employer and Worker pages (otherwise known as zones) on act as a lead retrieval program. When you post a text ad or banner ad on these pages, you will receive the name, phone number and email address from those leads after they have clicked on your text and/or banner ad.

If you want more exposure on your job opening(s), post a display text advertisement on the worker pages (zone) along with your job ad package. This text ad will be seen by workers and will automatically send you leads from those that may not have a resume online. In addition, if you post your text ad on the worker pages (zone), you can link your text ad to your existing job ad. The worker who clicks on your text ad will resolve to your job ad. will then send that name, phone number and email address from those leads who clicked on your text ad by email.

Marketing a product or service? Selling a practice? Speaking at a seminar?
Post your text ad and/or banner ad on Office suppliers, lawyers, bankers, accountants and real estate brokers as examples can use to market to decision makers in dental offices.

More Info... has been in business since year 2000 and is the exclusive job board for the American Dental Assistants Association and the Dental Assisting National Board.

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NOTE: does not offer lead retrieval programs, please use for this service.