Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dental Workers: Get The Salary You Want!

Check Out These Nine Tips!

You have taken the first step towards find a great dental job by registering for free at and by using the Free Resume Builder to upload your resume, or you have posted one of your own. If I may, let’s skip ahead a couple of chapters, and talk about something VERY important – getting the salary you deserve!

You don’t have to settle for the first salary offer you receive as a dental worker. Here are some tips on how to get the best salary you are worth!

- Research. Go to the Salary page to get information on the salary you should expect for your specific dental job and your specific area. Also ask around to get a true idea of what the dental job might pay.

- Determine the ZOPA – and we’re not talking al dente pasta here! ZOPA stands for “Zone of Possible Agreement”, which means when the range of the salary an employer offers you is in agreement with the range that will make YOU happy.

- “Silence Is Golden”, especially when it comes to the mention of a salary! Wait for the dental employer to bring up a number, first.

- When they offer you the job and announce the salary, graciously tell them how pleased you are to have the offer and how much you’d like to work there…

- …then add “But I was really hoping for x*.” * = the highest mark in the ZOPA. NOW is the time to negotiate! If you don’t negotiate now, the gap will get bigger over time.

- Now sit tight…and wait.

- When they counter-offer with Y, assess the mood. If you think there’s room for further negotiation, say, “I appreciate your flexibility. Could we meet in the middle at Z?”.

- Don’t Stop! This is a time to pin down the extras, such as: signing bonus, moving expenses, cell phone, flexible schedule, medical benefits…

- If the offer is firm, ask if there is anything else that they could do, such as throw in additional benefits, such as more vacation time, a better title, a bonus plan.

Hope these tips help you! If you know any other dental workers looking for a dental job, why not refer a friend?!