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Our mission is to assist each dental professional to meet their dental employment needs satisfactorily. In return, they would serve the public with their best dental services. The services of is twofold: Itís to increase the level of communication between employers and employees; and to attract highly qualified candidates for all sorts of dental job positions available. Whether you are a dental professional or a dental office in need of dental employment or you are offering dental jobs, is the most genial platform to meet your future employer or employee. We assist dental employers and dental job seekers at many different levels.
  • Dental employers can post their hiring requirements with needed qualifications and skills of the dental professionals needed.
  • The dental job seekers can post their detailed dental resume to be viewed by the best dental employers.
  • Dental employers get to select from top talent of certified and qualified dental professionals right at a click.
  • We provide membership benefits and certified benefits to dental professionals of:
    • The Hispanic Dental Association
    • The American Dental Assistants Association
    • The Dental Assisting National Board
    • The Warschaw Learning Institute For Front Desk Training
    • The American Association Of Women Dentists

Why Makes Sense

Of course there are other mediums like newspaper ads and local recruitment websites to hire dental professionals but we can by large cut down the common hassles out of the recruitment process plus it saves you money too.

  • Recruitments through is much more cost effective than newspaper advertisements.
  • You no longer need to wade through a large group of unqualified professionals; simply select the most eligible dental candidates for further review.
  • Dental professionals seeking jobs are no longer required to stick to newspapers for suitable job offers. They now have a chance to have immediate employment ads and respond immediately to the appropriate offer from many dental offices seeking candidates.

Getting started with us is easy; simply register on to access our recruiting tools that help manage finding great dental employees today.

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“…Dentalworkers worked great for me. It really cut down the amount of time it took to find a job.”
-Rami N.
Dental Assistant in Lakeland, Fl

What Employers say about us:

“My experience with has been tremendous! I was able to contact several great candidates for employment and am currently working on scheduling interviews. [Plus, electronic updates] keep me on my toes for new candidates. It is quite convenient and great. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!”
-Mary M.
recruits for a Dental Group in Salem, Or

“[With Dentalworkers] I had more qualified candidates that I did from the newspaper ads. It’s great to have that constant update of resumes.”
-Jen S.
needed a Dental Assistant in St. Louis, MO

“I will never use a newspaper again.”
-Lorie A.
Needed a Dental Assistant in Los Angeles

Dental job boards: Look who’s working with us!

The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) is working with!

As part of Dentalworkers Inc.'s mission, we strive to elevate existing healthcare worker candidates' job skills. is the exclusive job board for the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB). If you wish to elevate your skills or those of your dental assistants and/or front desk personnel, please contact DANB and learn more.

Dental Assisting National Board

The American Dental Assistant Association has partnered up with!

ADAA members are utilizing as its exclusive job board to help make finding their assistant position a little easier. ADAA members are creating and posting their resumes online on


The American Association of Women Dentists has partnered up with!

AAWD members are utilizing as its job board to help them find their front end, back end and chair-side personnel a little easier. AAWD members receive a 10% discount. Please contact the American Association of Women Dentists to find out how!


The Hispanic Dental Association has partnered up with!

HDA members are utilizing as its job board to help them find their front end, back end and chair-side personnel a little easier. HDA members receive a 10% discount. Please contact the Hispanic Dental Association to find out how!


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